‘Streetwise MBA Program for Small Business Owners’

As many of you know, I’m passionate about my restaurants. It’s about the food and drinks, sure – but even more about the creation of something special, the challenges of running a business, the creativity and art I can showcase to share the love I have for my culture.

Because I am fueled by the excitement of running a business, I’m always seeking ways to learn more and improve upon my knowledge. Studying successful business owners has long been a necessary part of my daily routine – an inspiring way to start each day. I want to create a solid base to grow my businesses – and feel my best attribute is my ability to adapt to new concepts and opportunities.

When I learned about the Small Business Administration’s Emerging Leaders Program, I felt it was made for me. It’s been called a ‘Streetwise MBA program for small business owners’ and focuses on the essential tools to grow a business. Participants attend weekly classes over an intensive 7-month study including thirteen in-class sessions and 7 out-of-class sessions with mentors who are leaders in their respective fields. This executive level program culminates in a three-year strategic growth plan developed by each participant. In addition to the training, small business owners are given the opportunity to work one-on-one with experienced mentors, attend educational workshops, and develop connections with city and financial leaders.

Competition for a space in the program was fierce. I underwent an intense application and interview process, during which a large field of applicants are reduced to only 20, who are accepted into the program.

I am honored and excited to have been chosen to participate. Even though the program has only been in progress for a few weeks, I can say I’ve already learned valuable insight into ways I can grow my business now and into the future. Working with some inspiring fellow business owners and gifted mentors is amazing, and I look forward to each class with enthusiasm!


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