Mezcal events


Mexico in a Bottle San Francisco

We’re going to México in a Bottle SF! On Sunday, November 11, Mezcalistas founders Susan Coss and Max Garrone will celebrate their fifth annual celebration of Mezcal.

This year’s event features over 100 artisan Mezcales to experience, educational events about the production and distillation of small batch Agave spirits (including one covering some of the finest Charanda Rums), art by Jhovany Rodriguez, and a tiendita with beautiful craft products.

Restaurants such as..

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Dishes from México City to Sacramento



Some of México’s oldest, finest and most recognized traditional dishes like the chile en nogada not only produces a savory taste of fine spices and decadent sweets on the palette, but also carries along a significant piece of history.

Just ask La Señora Bertha Graciela Medrano Ríos who was born in Michoacán, México and raised in México City acquiring the skills and methods used to prepare some of México’s most..

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Arte and Mezcal

Why does art and Mezcal make sense together?

Creating art, whether it’s sculpture, drawing, murals or carvings, is an expression of beauty, passion and the sensual nature of life. Gourmet chefs understand that art plays a huge role in food –  combining flavors and textures as well as the presentation. Wine makers understand the passion and romance of winemaking – from the vine to the complexity of aromas and flavor, and even the art of the label.

So it is with Mezcal.


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