The moment you walk into Mayahuel, you are like family. Our goal is to AMAZE you!

‘Mi Casa es Su Casa‘  ~ Sen. Ernesto Delgado

Definitely be back had a great time food was excellent the vibe of the whole place really nice made my bday with my family one to remember from one business owner to another thank you keep up the excellent service cause it is a rare thing nowadays.

Julio Carrasco ~ 11/26/17

Let me start by saying, I have very few times, felt like I should write to give accolades to a restaurant. Today is one of those few times! The entire experience was phenomenal!!! From the small details, like having water on the table before I finished sitting down, to our waiter, Alvaro, being so attentive and charasmatic. The food was truly memorable! There wasn’t anything we didn’t enjoy. There were four of us and we all had to try each other’s food because everything was a must taste! The drinks were also very delicious and well made. I am very particular when it comes to Mexican food, as I compare everything to my grandmother’s cooking, I must say the food held its own. Thank you for the great dinner and experience!

Very Respectfully,

Rafael (a new long-time customer)

Rafael Hernandez ~ 11/16/17

We had a wonderful waiter, the best food and drinks were amazing! Love the decor. It was a great place to have dinner. Totally recommend it.

Corina Becerra-Beckby ~ August 2017

When wanting “The Best Of The Best,” it’s Mayahuel. Owner and staff are Fantastic! Thanks Lisa and Joe for introducing!

Ivan Dieu, May 2017

When dining at your restaurant, it is an experience not just a meal. The environment, the service and culture are well worth it. And then the food…. it’s like an explosion of deliciousness, flavors that ignite brilliance in your mouth as your brain and tummy anticipate the next bite of incredible delight.

Francine Fairchild, May 2017

Amazing service:

I just wanted to say your staff are absolutely amazing. From when we walked in the door to when we left everyone was on their game. My friends and I came to Mayahuel on 5/5. We enjoyed some drinks while we waited. It was an hour wait but we were expecting that considering the day. While we waited we got to see just how skilled your staff were at navigating the crowds with trays of dishes and drinks, clearing and resetting tables instantly, and while having to wait for intoxicated customers to get out of their way – and they did it all with a smile.

Our waiter was attentive, friendly, and helpful when we had questions. Another waiter boxed our food up for us even though she was clearly busy with something else she made time for us and was able to multi-task. On our way out, even though our waiter was headed in a different direction, he asked if we needed bags for our boxes.

I’m completely impressed with the level of service your establishment provided on a night that was packed and loud. If it wasn’t so loud I would have asked for the names of the staff who we interacted with because they were top-notch.

Many thanks,
Sabrina Araujo

Sabrina Araujo

My mom and I were guests on April 29th, 2017 and it was the first time we ate at this restaurant and our waiter ALVARO was amazing! He made sure we had the best service. He always came back to our table asking if we needed anything else. We didn’t have a long waiting time for our food. Truly an amazing experience. I can’t wait for our next visit.

Corinne Munoz

Easily the best Mexican restaurant in Sacramento and one of the best in California.

Marcos Breton 3/8/17

I have been served by Ernesto Munoz on several occasions at Mayahuel over the last couple years and have never bothered (before now) to write in to provide feedback.  Ernesto is a fantastic server and Mayahuel is lucky to have him on board. He is completely professional yet somehow makes me feel like a special guest.  Professional yet personal.  I always feel welcomed and well taken care of.

Scott Smithline ~ 01.30.2017

Great! Food was delicious, service was fantastic and we ate out on the patio.

Irene Alcantar - 10/21/16

Nice place for a night out with my wife love the food and drinks they have people with nice attitude working there special thanks to the manager (Francisco) coming to our table often making sure people are having a good time…

Raul Virrueta - 5/12/16

Food and service was excellent and drinks just amazing overall a great experience topped with mariachi music!

Rosa Cardenas - 9/19/16

Excellent food. Beautiful presentation. Our server Ernesto was very friendly and helpful with our meal selection.

Dori Pench Hoffman - 10/9/16

Great food, Great Service, and within walking distance of many downtown Sac. venues! Less then 2 minutes away from The Sacramento Community Theater where we had tickets for The Sound of Music.

Joe Bruns - 11/3/16

It was super yummy and very authentic I’m always skeptical about Mexican food since my grandma made it best but this was pretty good not as good as grandma’s but still good.

Susana Rodriguez - 5/10/16

The albondiga soup was layered with flavors! Rich, hearty and so delicious. The level of heat was perfect. You have outdone yourself again, Ernesto!

Maggie Uhey Kabateck - 11/9/16

Beautiful food and amazing staff made our entire night of entertaining so pleasurable and easy! Food and tequila are the highest of quality!

Michelle Windsor-Baughman - 9/16/16

Great experience during a corporate event last night at Mayahuel’s. Service and food was excellent! We loved our server and would highly recommend this place.

Debbie Springer Robson - 10/4/16

I enjoyed my meal. Everyone who works there really go out of their way to make it an amazing experience . The big surprise was Vince, our handsome server. He wowed me by singing to me for my birthday. Also, the kitchen sent me out mango birthday cake. Thank you Vince for making my birthday a sweet memory as I get old.

Jeannine Idica Wedel - 5/18/16

I have eaten here three times and have excellent service and meals each time. I highly recommend this restaurant whenever looking for a place in downtown Sacramento.

Doug Johnson - 11/22/16

My daughter and I go to this fine restaurant once a year. She has a conference in Sacramento and we always make plans to go to Mayhuels. The food is delicious the drinks are Devine and the service is fantastic! Thank You for another Great evening!

Liz Ram - 10/11/16

Great atmosphere and people Ernesto the owner is the best and is often there making sure his customers are taken care of. The next time you’re there ask about the artwork on the walls everything from food drinks and artwork have a true meaning of Ernesto’s vision!!!

Vivian Robles - 10/29/16

Our dinner last night was amazing!! The service- hands down…. Had that feeling of a cancun resort service where it’s all about the client! Not to mention the food!! I had to get me another bowl of Pozole verde. My husband had the Arachera plate, we ordered the guacamole and dobladitas too. My husband fell in love with this place he wants to go for lunch today and take our girls lol. Just wanted to commend you on what a wonderful restaurant this is.

Evelia Marquez Beltran - 9/11/16

Our dinner last night was amazing!! The service- hands down…. Had that feeling of a cancun resort service where it’s all about the client! Not to mention the food!! I had to get me another bowl of Pozole verde. My husband had the Arachera plate, we ordered the guacamole and dobladitas too. My husband fell in love with this place he wants to go for lunch today and take our girls lol. Just wanted to commend you on what a wonderful restaurant this is.

Evelia Marquez Beltran 9/14/16

I’ve had the Mole Enchiladas. They are fabulous! And the brought back the best memories of home!

Maggie Uhey Kabateck 8/31/16

This is a great restaurant. The food is excellent and it’s a great tequila establishment/museum.

Tim Smith, 8/28/16

Best Mexican restaurant ever, across the board. Chorizo and steak with mushrooms so beautiful.

Anthony A Plus Jones

On Wednesday, July 13 my group of 16 teachers had a great experience dining with Mayahuel.  Another school also joined us so we had a total of 27 educators enjoying delicious lunch in the little room in the back.  As you may be aware, AVID Summer Institute was in town.  It’s been a tradition of my school for the last 5 years to have the last lunch of our training at Mayahuel.

I wanted to let you know that Alex, our waiter, really stood out with his patience with such a big group.  He was very efficient and respectful despite the crowd.  He also was very helpful with offering suggestions during orders.  He kept our orders “in order” when it was ready to serve.  The whole time, he worked with a smile and never became flustered when people wanted an extra order of beans or another side of tortillas.  I’m letting you know, because last year Alex also waited on us.  Again, I was very impressed with his poise, but I didn’t make the time to inform you.

In appreciation for your amazing mole and service, my respects to you and your staff.  And a big shout out to Alex!

Alejandra Uribe, Principal of Napa Valley Language Academy

Just a super impressed customer here. We have been to your restaurant a couple times now and we had the same waiter, Alvaro, twice. This guy knows how to serve. Super good job, super good food, and amazing service. The atmosphere was brilliant. very impressed. Keep up the good work. And shake Alvaro’s hand for me. He is the definition of the art of waiting tables.

Harrison Kirchmeyer

My husband, son and I came in a couple weeks ago and loved the experience. Our server was Vince and he was great! The food was amazing and everyone was very polite. We will definitely come back again and again!

Socheata Guimond

We wanted to say THANK YOU!!! we had an awesome time. We were seated right away and enjoyed the Mariachi’s and the Ceviche Acapulco. We came from Tracy and will definitely RETURN!!! Everyone one was so nice and we felt welcomed.

Rosemary Gomez, Tracy CA

Ernesto Munoz took great care of us. Enchiladas verde were amazing. Best food we had while in Sacramento!

Janell Lewis

We just wanted to let you know that we have been to your restaurant service several times for our special family occasions. Your food is outstanding. We have recommended your restaurant to many of our friends who had never been there. Each time we have gone, we have had the same waiter, Ernesto Munoz. He has made our experience even better. Please let the owner or his supervisor know how much we appreciate his service. We just went there for our anniversary last night and had a great time. Thank you.


I wanted to give you feedback as to our amazing server.  I am not sure if there was some confusion when we started as we were seated and no one helped us for 15-20 minutes.  We were asked if we had a reservation, which we did not.  I had never been there accept once during a pub crawl.

We had the fortune to get Ernesto Munoz this past Sunday night.  He was absolutely a delight!!!  Very knowledgeable about the menu, offered to let me have a taste of the mole sauce, which I declined because his description was amazing.

There have been some fantastic servers in my life, as I am someone who goes out to eat a lot.  The food was quite remarkable, made better by his descriptions and history behind the food, but the service was out of this world.

I hope he is there when we return Saturday night!

Tara Reeve

We tried two items off your menu that Alvaro recommended. He was very helpful and well versed in your menu items and drinks! We have never experienced those two items at any Mexican restaurant before. WE were definitely BIG TIME AMAZED! We will recommend your establishment to friends and co workers.
Look forward to returning to see Alvaro’s friendly smile and fantastic service.

Greg & Pauline Bashem

We always have a great time here! Thank you Vincent for great service tonight!
Oscar & Chey are are also two of our favorite bartenders!

Karla & Eric Maduena

I just want to give recognition to the excellent service we received from Ernesto Munoz on Sunday evening on Feb. 28.  We were impressed with his efficiency, attentiveness, poise and thorough service to our 22 people, half of which were teenagers, for a birthday party for the five family members that were born in February. Thank you.

Asa Whetstone

Ernesto Munoz’s service was fantastic! He should be the manager! Awesome asset to the company! Thanks

Ashliegh Love

Assembly member Wilk and I had lunch today at your establishment, Mayahuel, and thoroughly enjoyed our server – Ernesto Munoz. He provided exceptional service and made the dining experience a great one. Thanks you, Jaime

Jaime Huff

Thank you Alvaro, for your Excellent service!!

Angela Hansen

My comments regarding the excellent service and friendliness of Ernesto are long overdue since I dined back in early November at Mayahuel I was not prepared for the professionalism at your restaurant something that you would expect at a world class restaurant. Ernesto helped to quickly guide me through the menu when he saw me struggling a bit with it. On my next visit to Sacramento, I want to be at Ernesto’s table.

Recent Guest, 2016

If all restaurants knew how to staff properly, they’d do so like Mayhuel. Top it off with a great beverage selection and delicious food and 5 stars almost isn’t enough. Highly recommend.

Danielle M.

Hands down some of THE BEST Mexican food I have had in Sacramento. Be sure to try the Crema de Chile Poblano soup. This will be a must have for me with every visit.

Jen N.

They definitely deserve five stars. Great food, great service, great atmosphere.

Maria Z.

Flank steak and mole were all delicious. Definitely thinking about going back for my birthday, and we live an hour away!

Nicolette G.

THE BEST! Family came from Georgia, Texas, Washington and all over California for our daughter’s wedding this weekend so we arranged for a large family dinner at Tequila Museo Mayahuel the night they all arrived. A special THANK YOU to our server, Alvaro, who was extremely pleasant and professional, not to mention very patient with our large group. Alvaro, you were amazing!

Janine M.

Any tequila fan would feel at home here. The selection is stellar and the margaritas were great. We started with chips and salsa and the chips were fresh, not greasy, and the salsa had the perfect kick.

I got the house signature Poblano soup and omg it was ridiculously good!! Spicy, rich, and oh so flavorful. The fish tacos were grilled to perfection, light and fresh.

Suzanne Q.

We drive an hour to visit Mayahuel – this alone should tell you what amazing experiences we’ve had there. The food is wonderful – authentic, flavorful and fresh. The drinks are exquisite! The Asi Sabe Mexico – a watermelon-based Margarita – is probably the finest drink I’ve ever had. If you need a vacation, and only have a couple of hours, visit Mayahuel. You’ll leave feeling as if you’ve been on a trip to Mexico!

Freddy Z.

If your goal is to amaze, then Ernesto Muñoz is the perfect waiter for your restaurant! A friend and I had had a very long day at work and rewarded ourselves by going out for dinner. Ernesto made our evening a wonderful experience; from his elaborate description of the dishes we asked about to his attentive service.

We are so glad we chose Mayahuel to end our long day. We will definitely return!

Dana R.

Your food always amazes –Mayahuel never fails to provide the most beautifully presented dishes that make every meal special.

Gloria R.

I wish restaurants everywhere had more servers like Ernesto Munoz! You have the most authentic Mexican restaurant in town – thank you for keeping it real.



We had dinner at Mayahuel while attending the Sacramento Music Festival, and are so pleased we did! Our dinner was so enjoyable, we arranged our schedule so we could come back for brunch on Sunday.

Kay S.