La Cosecha – Bringing New Possibilities to Downtown Sacramento

In Cesar Chavez Plaza in downtown Sacramento a statue quietly pays tribute to a man who dedicated his life to others. It depicts Cesar Chavez leading the Farm Workers whose lives inspired him to his lifelong cause.

On the statue is written ‘Sí Se Puede’. Yes, It’s Possible.

As Cesar Chavez knew – with a clear heart, hard work, empathy and compassion – all things are possible. Señor Ernesto Delgado shares the vision that all things are possible.

With the opening of La Cosecha, he believes it’s possible to:

  • Support community
  • Bring all cultures and beliefs together to enjoy what they share in common
  • Embrace change while continuing to honor our past
  • Create fresh, healthful and fast foods to sustain us and bring enjoyment
  • Be mindful of our environment – we share our Earth
  • Create a place united in acceptance, rather than division
  • Make Downtown Sacramento a destination for everyone

Cesar Chavez Plaza is a place of community. A place for families to linger over the Farmer’s Market, looking for the perfect flat of juicy strawberries. A place for friends to enjoy concerts in the park and dance with joyful abandon. And soon, a place to gather over fresh, delicious food and celebrate our diverse, eclectic city.

La Cosecha – ‘The Harvest’. Our doors will be open in late April to welcome all who want to share the friendly nature of the Plaza. Like Plazas in México, it will serve as the center of bustling activity in the heart of downtown. The focus will be on fresh, locally sourced ingredients – grass-fed meats, free-range poultry, creative vegan and vegetarian choices, and environmentally friendly packaging. As America’s Farm-to-Fork Capitol, Sacramento is a wonderful place to celebrate fresh, good food made with quality ingredients.

Señor Delgado feels that Cesar Chavez Plaza is the perfect location for La Cosecha. After all, at the heart of the Plaza we’re reminded of the life and legacy of Cesar Chavez, who spent a good deal of his youth toiling in the fields as a farm worker and later became the leader of one of the most iconic civil rights movements. A man for whom the good of his community was greater than personal gain.

Consistent with the sunny Plazas of México, the food will be similar to Mexican street food – the much loved ‘grab and go’ fresh food. Small plates that allow you to experience the unique flavors of true México – with a Sacramento flair.

La Cosecha will be a place of joy – the Plaza lends itself to events that will be both fun and educational – celebrating the true nature of México through food, music and fine Mezcales and Tequilas. Just a few of the regular events that are planned:


  • Cooking classes
  • Charity Events
  • Tequila and Mezcal tastings
  • Tequila and Mezcal food pairing events
  • Small Farmer showcase
  • Acoustic Guitar music

A ‘Happy at the Park’ happy hour will feature not only an amazing array of unique fresh Tequila and Mezcal cocktails, but a delicious selection of small plates. La Cosecha will be focused on fine, small-batch Mezcales, under the guidance of Mezcal Maestro  and creative genius Chris Sinclair.

Catering for corporate events and office delivery for those wanting lunch and dinner will also be offered. A ‘Grab and Go’ regular menu for working professionals who want a healthful and delicious lunch but are limited on time – such as a Mango, chile and lime salad and quesadillas with roast corn, poblanos, caramelized onion and crema.

Imagine – It’s a beautiful Spring day. The sun is warm on your skin and a gentle breeze slowly rolls a few leaves toward the grass. Everyone in the park is smiling as they enjoy this beautiful oasis in Downtown Sacramento. You are holding a fresh La Cosecha taco and have the luxury of almost an hour still left of your lunch. Instead of spending your lunch hour waiting for food and then having to gulp it down quickly, you now have the luxury of savoring your lunch as you meet old friends and new in the beautiful Plaza.

Cesar Chavez Plaza brings to mind close, inclusive communities where people mingle and share their lives. A place of happiness to celebrate the bounty of our region!

Dinner at the Barn 2016 – A ‘Center for Land-Based Learning’ Event

When a community comes together for a cause, magic happens!

“What an amazing event! Walking through tables full of guests and having people stop to tell me how much they loved the delicious and flavorful food was probably my favorite part of the event. I was floored by the overwhelmingly positive response”

Christine McMorrow, Director of Development at the Center for Land-Based Learning couldn’t be more pleased with the success of their recent event ‘Dinner at the Barn’.  The event, held at the new Barn at the River in West Sacramento’s Bridge District on Sunday, September 11th, featured our own Señor Ernesto Delgado and his team.

Señor Ernesto Delgado and his Team of Culinary Students creating magic!
Señor Ernesto Delgado and his Team

Twenty-eight High School Culinary students helped serve the Farm-to-Fork style meal to 220 guests. The Center for Land-Based Learning has a total of seven acres in West Sacramento, where they provide education for students who aspire to become farmers. They also offer continuing education for new farmers, with access to new markets for their produce. A weekly CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) program provides fresh produce to 32 households so far, with plans to open to the public next summer. The California Farm Academy is just one of the programs offered by the Center for Land-Based Learning, click here for more information.

A culinary and events venue celebrating the beauty of the area with a building which rises like a living sculpture and features an 80-foot long canopy, The Barn was the perfect place to hold this year’s Center for Land-Based Learning fundraiser. The event sold out in just a day.

A beautiful venue! Photo Courtesy Tia Gemmell and Center for Land-Based Learning
A beautiful venue!

This was the first ‘sit down’ private dinner at the barn. The Center for Land-Based Learning held this year’s fundraiser to build a new one-acre working farm at The Barn.  The land is in a perfect location – West Sacramento – and although it is bare land, the compacted soil must be amended with truckloads of compost. A water supply will need to be brought to the site as well.

You’ll Wish You Were There

Señor Delgado served truly Mexican dishes using locally sourced, seasonal ingredients. Guests began with Bocaditos de México – small bites with Requeson cheese, Cochinita Pibil, and Chicken Tinga, served with an Asi Sabe México – our signature cocktail with fresh watermelon, cucumber and lime juices mixed with Dos Volcanes Tequila.

Asi Sabe México - the perfect summer Margarita
Asi Sabe México

Following the appetizers was a salad with juicy watermelon, luscious ripe figs, tender spinach, caramelized walnuts and fresh orange vinaigrette. The main course was a Chile en Nogada – a fresh roasted chile poblano pepper stuffed with picadillo (ground beef, ground pork, plump raisins, ripe figs, juicy peaches, crisp apples and fresh herbs) and topped with a sauce made with double cream, fresh cheese, and tender walnuts. Ripe pomegranate seeds are scattered over this beautiful dish which represents the lively colors of the Mexican flag.

Chile en Nogada, a traditional dish of México. Photo Courtesy Tia Gemmell and Center for Land-Based Learning
Chile en Nogada, a traditional dish of México.

The ‘Imposible’ was served for dessert – rich, moist deep chocolate cake on the bottom, with creamy, caramelly flan magically above. Served with toasted almonds, walnuts, and freshly whipped cream. Fresh Horchata was served as well.

Salads of fresh watermelon, ripe figs, caramelized walnuts, tender spinach and fresh orange vinaigrette. Photo courtesy Tia Gemmell and Center for Land-Based Learning
Fresh salads with local produce

The produce for the event was donated by local farmers, including Jay Cuff-  Hearty Fork Farm,  Hope Sippola & Shayne Zururilgen –  Fiery Ginger Farm, Toby Hastings- Free Spirit Farm, Michael Bosworth – Rue & Forsman RanchRiverdog Farm, Matt Byrne – Sunfed Ranch, and Sara Bernal- West Sacramento Urban Farm, 5th & C.

Señor Delgado donated his time and that of his team. In preparation for the event, The Center for Land-Based Learning included a ‘Meet the Chef’ interview, in which Señor Delgado shared some of his secrets – such as his culinary idols and his favorite food memory.  Click here to see the interview.

Christine added “Ernesto was so kind – thoughtful and sincere. When challenges came up, as they always do, he calmly helped problem-solve. He and his team were such a pleasure to work with! They cared about the food, the presentation and the guest experience” Her favorite dish? “Chile en Nogada! It was so beautiful, and perfectly expressed the seasonality and value of local, fresh produce.”

Señor Delgado loves to share his passion for the delicious foods of México
Señor Delgado sharing his passion!

Supporting the Future of Our Local Resources

Ernesto Delgado supports a number of Community Outreach programs in Sacramento, including the Center for Land-Based Learning, and the California Restaurant Association Education Foundation’s ProStart program.  Look for future articles and photos in our newsletter (click here to sign up), website and on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

We encourage you to support the Center for Land-Based Learning with your donations, participation in their great events, and volunteerism. Click here to read more about Land-Based Learning. Without farmers, our legacy as the Farm-to-Fork Capital of America would not be possible!


Photos used courtesy Tia Gemmell and The Center for Land-Based Learning


Sunday Supper at the Ranch – Farm to Fork Event

Written for Señor Ernesto Delgado


The romance,  joy,  camaraderie and beauty of a local ‘farm to fork’ event in Sacramento will take place this year at the Pegasus Riding Club in Wilton. The annual Sunday Supper at the Ranch dinner is planned for Sunday, October 11th.

Join Mayahuel for this wonderful event which features some of the finest local cuisine served in a pastoral setting to benefit Project Ride.

Sunday Supper at the Ranch is Sacramento’s premiere Farm to Fork event  – an elegant event featuring local, fresh cuisine. The event begins at 4:30 with horse-drawn carriage rides down the long drive. A beer and wine crawl is part of the evening, and includes Cline Winery, Handcraft Brewers, Beringer Winery and Mt. Brow Winery.  Live entertainment begins at 5:00. The wonderful al fresco dinner will be served at 6:00.

Sunday Supper at the Ranch
Sunday Supper at the Ranch

Mayahuel’s own Sen. Ernesto Delgado will be crafting mini-tacos and empanadas for the event. 

This year’s event is a benefit for Project Ride – which provides recreational therapeutic horseback riding instruction to over 500 people with special needs. Project Ride is a premier accredited center with the Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship International.

According to the Project Ride website, “For people with impaired mobility, horseback riding gently and rhythmically moves their bodies in a manner similar to a human walking gait. Riders with learning or mental disabilities are motivated by the interaction with their horses to concentrate more and develop patience and discipline. People with psychological, physical or emotional challenges have the special opportunity to form unconditional, meaningful relationships with the volunteers, their peers and the horses.”

There are a limited number of tickets available for this event. For more information and tickets, visit Sunday Super at the Ranch.