Mayahuel’s Tequila and Mezcal Club

Written for Señor Ernesto Delgado


Are you a Tequila or Mezcal Aficionado?

If so, it’s likely you are always yearning to try a new Tequila or Mezcal, and learn more about the Agave grower, the Master Distiller and the process of each unique brand. Maybe you have heard about the wonders of Tequila and the mysteries of Mezcal – but you don’t know where to begin.

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Tequila and Mezcal are unlike any other spirit. Fine Tequila can be more closely compared to fine wine – the terroir (soil and weather conditions, including microclimates) distilling process and aging all play a part in the beauty of the final product. This variance between brands, types, and year of production is one of the things that makes Tequila and Mezcal so alluring. There is even a discernable difference in a Tequila produced from one field to the next.


Unlike most Rum or Vodka drinkers, who have a ‘favorite’ and are quite loyal to it, the Tequila Aficionado has a long list they hope to sample – and that list tends to grow, rather than shrink.


As an Aficionado, you probably love ‘Talking Tequila’ with others who understand and share your passion.  It’s a quest for perfection; an appreciation for the time and craftsmanship that goes into each bottle.

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Is this you? If so, you’ll love our Tequila and Mezcal club! There’s no cost to join, and you’ll not only have a great time, you will get some really terrific deals.


Learn more here on our Tequila & Mezcal Club page.



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