A Thank You Letter to Sacramento

Dear Sacramento:

You are my City
Holder of my heart
A City that represents the best of humanity. Friendly and kind, our City is an amalgamation of all cultures who support each other in friendship while respecting those things that make each of us unique.

We have stood together during challenges and celebrations
Cheered for each other when one is reaching for the stars beyond all odds
Shared in the happiness of new life
Mourned the loss of those we love and those we only know..

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Dishes from México City to Sacramento



Some of México’s oldest, finest and most recognized traditional dishes like the chile en nogada not only produces a savory taste of fine spices and decadent sweets on the palette, but also carries along a significant piece of history.

Just ask La Señora Bertha Graciela Medrano Ríos who was born in Michoacán, México and raised in México City acquiring the skills and methods used to prepare some of México’s most..

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