Mayahuel is a feast for the senses

Everywhere you look, you’ll find art – the murals, sculptures, small-batch tequila and mezcal bottles, the one-of-a-kind drinks, fresh authentic cuisine and music.

You can enjoy the art of Mayahuel in many forms – a joyful family dinner, intimate late night cocktail, tastings of artisanal, handmade Mezcales and Tequilas, authentic music, exhibits of fine art by Mexican artists, educational and cultural events and more.


Delight in Our Cuisine – Flavors from the past, perfectly fused with the freshness of today


Drinks – Featuring incredibly creative and unique tequila-based cocktails that magnify the majesty, mystery and magic of Mexico.


Art – plays an important role in the culture and storytelling of Mexico


Music – holds the joy, passion and romance of Mexico close to it’s heart.


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