La Galeria De Arte

La Galeria De Arte

Art plays an important role in the culture and storytelling of Mexico

Sculpture in Mesoamerica was first represented with the alteration of animal bones. The oldest known bone sculpture is an animal skull from Tequixquiac, and dates between 10,000 and 8,000 BC. One of the most famous three-dimensional stone sculptures is the giant Olmec stone heads. Both stone carvings and mural paintings were thought to be a part of the architecture rather than separate; buildings represented an opportunity to tell a visual story.

Pre-Columbian art thrived in Mexico beginning as early as 1800 BC. Angular, linear patterns were preferred, depicting everything from daily life to deities.

Indigenous elements were preferred during the first half of the 20th century, with the Mexican Muralist Movement. Artists such as Diego Rivera and Jose Clemente Orozco led the Muralist movement, which retains popularity today.

We’re proud to bring you some of the finest art by Mexican artists who represent the beauty, passion and history of Mexico.

Currently on Exhibit at Mayahuel:

Mayahuel mural gabriel romo (640x439) (2)






‘2 Hermano’ – The murals of Gabriel Romo are exhibited throughout the restaurant and are an integral part of our art experience every day.

9 Cantos de GuerraOne of the ‘9 Cantos de Guerra’ by Eduardo Martinez

‘9 Cantos de Guerra’ (9 Songs of War) Linocut prints by artist Eduardo Martinez, these prints depict the ancient culture of pre-Hispanic Mexico, and embody the passion for the land and the life lived around a celebration of the Maguey, family and ritual. You can see these prints in our Coa room through the month of February 2016.