Another Beautiful Mural Graces Mayahuel’s Walls

If you’ve visited Mayahuel lately, it’s likely you have seen our newest mural by the amazing artist Gabriel Romo. It’s a magnificent depiction of a more mature Goddess Mayahuel – a later version than the young maiden goddess who lives on the wall behind our Tequila Bar.

The face of our young goddess is filled with wonder and discovery; an awakening to her own power and that of the small Agave she holds.

Gabriel’s mature goddess has equal parts compassion and power, strength and tenderness. She’s clearly aware of her power in this mural – an awareness that is less naïve, perhaps, of the harsh realities of the lives she touches.  She has an understanding borne of her maturity, and stands regally amid an also fully mature Agave. But most of all, her compassion takes center stage – a compassion for all her culture represents.  

If you haven’t seen this gorgeous mural yet, come in and stand in awe.  It’s a perfect addition to the other amazing murals in Mayahuel.

Artist Gabriel Romo – known as 2Hermano – is as fascinating as his art. We were fortunate to interview him a couple of years ago.

Gabriel will be doing a live 8×8 mural painting on May 4 & 5, 2019 at Cesar Chavez Plaza during the El Carnaval de Chavez celebration. The mural will be raffled – be sure to come and purchase your tickets!

Click Here to read the result of that interview


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