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Chiles en Nogada – the Pride of México

This is an article I wrote as part of an assignment from one of my professors at the Culinary Institute of America at Greystone. Culinary School is much more than cooking techniques or recipes – it delves deeply into the cultural significance and origins  of ingredients and dishes as well.  ~ Sr. Ernesto Delgado          

Chiles en Nogada – the Pride of México

 One of my favorite assignments at the CIA thus far has been learning of the ’99 Platillos de Mexico’, a gathering..

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Another Beautiful Mural Graces Mayahuel’s Walls

If you’ve visited Mayahuel lately, it’s likely you have seen our newest mural by the amazing artist Gabriel Romo. It’s a magnificent depiction of a more mature Goddess Mayahuel – a later version than the young maiden goddess who lives on the wall behind our Tequila Bar.

The face of our young goddess is filled with wonder and discovery; an awakening to her own power and that of the small Agave she holds.

Gabriel’s mature goddess has equal parts compassion and power, strength..

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The legend of the Goddess Mayahuel in Aztec Mythology

The myths and legends of México have been shared by storytellers for centuries. In many cases, there are multiple versions of a myth, such as this one about the origins of the Agave.

Long ago, when we were ruled by the seasons and feared the Gods, a young and very beautiful Goddess lived. She was the subject of much speculation – how could there be such a beauty, and why did she live in seclusion?

Ancient life was filled with rituals and passion. The Gods were equally..

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Señor Ernesto Delgado ~ His Life as Art

Three Different Restaurants, One Vision


“The spirit of Mayahuel is inspired by a calling to unfold a profound recognition for the stunning beauty of Mexican culture and traditions. To fully realize the impact of our culture you must assimilate the legends, myths, and stories that weave their thread throughout our lives – past and present.” ~ Señor Ernesto Delgado

When one has a calling – a passion – to share something important with the world, it’s not an option to ignore..

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The Real Story of the José Cuervo Brand – Passion, Dedication, Vision


Written for Señor Ernesto Delgado

Don José Antonio de Cuervo might have mixed feelings about his brand if he were alive today.

On one hand, he might feel great pride knowing that his passion and dedication to Tequila resulted in Cuervo being the best-selling brand in the world. José Cuervo currently has over a third of the tequila market share worldwide. It’s still run by Don José’s descendants.

But this man, for whom fine Tequila was a heartfelt passion, would surely not..

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Artist 2hermano

Written for Señor Ernesto Delgado


The sweeping, larger-than-life murals in Mayahuel are a soul connection between the present and our ancient ancestors. The moment you walk in, you feel a visceral and primitive part of your being rise to the surface; reminding you of ancient life, ritual and passions.

It’s an art that defies logic. It breaks the barrier of ego. It transcends time and space and creates a window to a time when we were ruled by the seasons and feared the Gods...

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Mayahuel – Art, Architecture and Inspiration

Written for Señor Ernesto Delgado


As soon as you enter Mayahuel, you realize the architecture isn’t what we’ve all come to expect from Mexican restaurants. The colors are rich and yet evoke serenity. There are no arches or curves – in fact, the lines are level – balanced, proportional, continuous horizontal and vertical planes. Large areas of windows blur the lines between the interior and the world outside – the rooms are open and inviting. Patterns of light are..

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