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Ernesto’s Update on Culinary Institute of America

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.” ~ John Quincy Adams


February, 2020

I thought it was a good time to update you on my goals to make Mayahuel a leading Sacramento restaurant with the ultimate goal of earning a Michelin rating. This is not ‘all about me’ – it’s only together that my team and I can rise to the challenges that bring excellence in all we do.  Mayahuel represents what I feel is the best in..

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Acceptance to Culinary Institute of America

I would like to share some exciting news! I’ve been accepted to study at the Culinary Institute of America. It’s an intense program with a series of strenuous requirements to gain acceptance. During the last several months, I have embraced the challenges set forth by the CIA in their meticulous selection process.

As many of you know, I am passionate about the foods of my culture. I have long admired Chefs such as Enrique Olvera and Anthony Bourdain for their knowledge,..

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The Best Way to Handle Restaurant Complaints

It starts with a complaint. No restaurant enjoys hearing they have failed their guests, and many choose to ignore the pain and move on. 

Why is this? It’s multi-faceted. There are so many moving parts to running a restaurant, it leaves owners with little time and energy to personally address a complaint – and avoiding them is impossible, no matter how much training you provide your staff and how well-managed your restaurant is. Your team is only human. Even the best make..

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Small Business Administration’s ‘Emerging Leaders Program

Last month, I shared some of my thoughts on the Small Business Administration’s ‘Emerging Leaders Program’ I’m participating in.

I’m a few months into this amazing program now and thought you might like to read about my progress, and our group’s studies.

Emerging Leaders is a ‘hands-on’ program. Our group is on a fast-track curriculum, with reading and writing assignments, discussions, and lectures. We’re covering an advanced course that’s been compared to an MBA in just seven..

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‘Streetwise MBA Program for Small Business Owners’

As many of you know, I’m passionate about my restaurants. It’s about the food and drinks, sure – but even more about the creation of something special, the challenges of running a business, the creativity and art I can showcase to share the love I have for my culture.

Because I am fueled by the excitement of running a business, I’m always seeking ways to learn more and improve upon my knowledge. Studying successful business owners has long been a necessary part of my daily..

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