Congratulations to Chef Maria ‘Coco’ Mondragon! Welcome, Chef Eduardo Garcia!

Congratulations to Chef Maria ‘Coco’ Mondragon!

A sincere THANK YOU to Chef Maria Coco Mondragon for her dedication and commitment to Mayahuel for almost 7 years as she leaves at the end of the year to further her career.

Coco is one of the hardest-working professionals I’ve ever met. She managed the Mayahuel kitchen with grace, making a demanding job look easy. Her willingness to embrace challenges and insist on excellence in all she did was truly inspiring.

Coco, it has been an honor to work with you! ~ Sr. Ernesto Delgado

Welcome, Chef Eduardo Garcia!

Chef Eduardo Garcia will be the lead Chef at Mayahuel beginning this month!

Chef Garcia has been with Mayahuel for over three years and is known for his creativity and passion about our dishes. He’s also a great baker!

Our beloved Chef Coco has graciously offered to assist during the transition to make the change seamless.

Please welcome Chef Garcia!


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