A Love of Mole and the Best of Mexican Gastronomy

La Feria de Los Moles

In October, Mayahuel’s Señor Ernesto Delgado and Chef Coco Mondragon visited Los Angeles to attend the Premier Mole Festival – ‘La Feria de Los Moles’.

Mole is not one dish, rather the word “mole” originates from the Nahuatl “mulli,” which means sauce, or stew. Almost every state in México has a number of Moles which are favored in that region – and came to be because of the availability of raw ingredients.

Created by Pedro Ramos, a Puebla native, the..

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The Comforts of Home – How Luis Adame Discovered ‘Family’ in Sacramento

Imagine moving to a different country, where you don’t know anybody. Everything and everyone seems ‘foreign’. You feel alone, wondering what your co-workers and neighbors will be like – what, if anything, you will share in common. From finding a place to live to learning how to navigate in the city and commute, every aspect of your life is suddenly strange and unfamiliar.

Luis Adame, an IT Consultant from Torreón Coahuila, México, was offered an opportunity to work in the..

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Mayahuel’s Chef Coco Mondragon

Chef Coco Mondragon cannot remember a time when the cooking of great food was not a central part of her life. As a young girl growing up in San José de Gracia, Jalisco, she spent hours in the kitchen basking in the aromas of her Grandmother’s cooking – feeling the love that went into every dish.

In fact, Coco’s Grandmother and Uncle perfected recipes together and the family benefitted from their passion. Using what was available seasonally in their home town, they created..

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Dinner at the Barn 2016 – A ‘Center for Land-Based Learning’ Event

When a community comes together for a cause, magic happens!

“What an amazing event! Walking through tables full of guests and having people stop to tell me how much they loved the delicious and flavorful food was probably my favorite part of the event. I was floored by the overwhelmingly positive response”

Christine McMorrow, Director of Development at the Center for Land-Based Learning couldn’t be more pleased with the success of their recent event ‘Dinner at the Barn’.  The..

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Señor Ernesto Delgado’s Napa Valley – the Inspiration that Guides His Vision

Written for Señor Ernesto Delgado

Two ‘expladores’ and their gracious guide travelled to the Napa Valley recently. We wanted to experience the valley where Ernesto Delgado grew up – from his perspective.

Señor Delgado is known as an innovative and creative entrepreneur. His sense of design spills over into every aspect of each of his businesses – it lives in the architecture, food, drinks and art. Some of this inspiration came from Napa, where Ernesto spent hours riding his..

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Service at Mayahuel – How Señor Ernesto Delgado’s Approach is Unique

Written for Señor Ernesto Delgado


We’ve all been to a restaurant where the food is exquisite, the décor is gorgeous, and there’s a long wait for a reservation.

All that is worthless if the service is terrible.

An outstanding dining experience requires trust. The host has the responsibility to initially earn that trust – they are the first person you encounter in the restaurant. After that, every person with whom the guest comes into contact can either reinforce that trust..

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The Impact of Mayahuel on Downtown Sacramento

Written for Señor Ernesto Delgado

Mayahuel is celebrating its fifth year in business.

For any restaurant, this is a milestone. For Señor Ernesto Delgado, it’s confirmation that his vision to create a place where the beauty and passion of the Mexican culture could be celebrated was something Sacramento would embrace.

Mayahuel was two full years in planning and building before Ernesto opened the doors for the first time. He encountered challenges and setbacks that would have..

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The Real Story of the José Cuervo Brand – Passion, Dedication, Vision


Written for Señor Ernesto Delgado

Don José Antonio de Cuervo might have mixed feelings about his brand if he were alive today.

On one hand, he might feel great pride knowing that his passion and dedication to Tequila resulted in Cuervo being the best-selling brand in the world. José Cuervo currently has over a third of the tequila market share worldwide. It’s still run by Don José’s descendants.

But this man, for whom fine Tequila was a heartfelt passion, would surely not..

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Artist 2hermano

Written for Señor Ernesto Delgado


The sweeping, larger-than-life murals in Mayahuel are a soul connection between the present and our ancient ancestors. The moment you walk in, you feel a visceral and primitive part of your being rise to the surface; reminding you of ancient life, ritual and passions.

It’s an art that defies logic. It breaks the barrier of ego. It transcends time and space and creates a window to a time when we were ruled by the seasons and feared the Gods...

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A Sacramento Restaurateur with Passion, Creativity and Determination

Written for Señor Ernesto Delgado

Early Memories

Ernesto Delgado’s lifelong love of the flavors of México and the magic that occurs when food and fire are combined began as a small boy living in Atacheo, located in the state of Michoacán.

The afternoon sun is golden, and dust glitters in the light as it floats up behind the footsteps of the man working to harvest the corn. The man’s son is only four years old. He has observed his father working hard every day on the Milpa..

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