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Lunch is a time to catch up with friends, or meet with your colleagues to discuss business.

We’ve created a menu of lunch dishes designed to inspire, using the finest seasonal produce, fresh meats and seafood. Enjoy a brief vacation from your work day!


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##Chips y Salsa de Molcajete

**Topped w/queso fresco and cilantro
==Sm $8.75  Lg $12.75

##Totopos con Chile
**Tortilla chips, chile de arbol, queso fresco and crema.
== $8.75

##Sikil P’ak
**Thick pumpkin seed dip from the Yucatan; might just be the new guacamole!
== $7

#Small Plates

##Chorizo y Queso Oaxaca en Bolillo Tostado
**Six toasted and buttered bread bites topped with chorizo, pico de gallo, refried black beans and Oaxaca Cheese.

##Dobladitas de Chile Poblano
**Blue corn tortillas filled with melted cheese, roasted poblano peppers & sautéed onions. Topped with pickled red onion, cilantro and salsa de chile guajillo.

##Bocaditos de México
**Six savory individual bites showcasing the creative and diverse flavors of México. Rajas de Chile Poblano / Requesón / Cochinita Pibil / Nopales / Dobladita de Chile Poblano / Chicken Tinga

##Bruschetta con Rajas de Chile Poblano
**Six toasted and buttered bruschettas, black beans, rajas de chile poblano and sour cream.

##Taquitos de Requesón
**Four fresh corn tortillas, fried and stuffed with ‘requesón’ (like ricotta cheese), topped with lettuce, queso fresco and Mexican pickled red onions.



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##Dios de Maíz
**Crisp baby spinach, romaine lettuce, sweet corn, black beans, queso fresco, sesame seeds, dried chile ancho peppers with a cilantro pepita (pumpkin seed) dressing.
Add chicken/steak $5.00 Add shrimp $5.00

##Ensalada de Pozole
**An authentic original recipe from Mexico’s world-renowned Acapulco coast. A healthy salad with chicken, hominy, lettuce, radishes, red onion with an oregano vinaigrette and chili piquin.

##Ensalada Tropical
**Spring lettuce mix, mango, jícama, pineapple, topped with dry-roasted almonds and a raspberry vinaigrette.
Add chicken/steak $5.00 Add shrimp $5.00

#Soups & Stews

++Our signature soup with our signature flavor
##Crema de Chile Poblano
**Chile poblano & cilantro give this soup a distinctive, spicy flare.
Half $6.00

##Pozole Verde con Pollo
**Traditional pre-colonial soup made with a light tomatillo- cilantro broth with hominy and shredded chicken breast. Garnished with diced white onions, oregano, lime wedges and served with tostadas.

**Delectable Mexican smokey stew in which meatballs are melded with carrots, celery, Mexican squash and chipotle peppers. Served with corn tortillas or flour tortillas.




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#Dishes That Define México

##Mole Poblano o Pipian con Pollo
**Signature dish from Puebla. Mole made with 32 ingredients and Pipian made from the pumpkin seed. Served with braised chicken and tortillas on the side.

##Chile Relleno de Queso
**A roasted poblano pepper stuffed with queso fresco dipped in an egg batter and fried, topped with a chile tomato sauce.

##Arrachera Méxicana
**Marinated flank steak paired with a chicken enchilada in a green tomatilla salsa, side of rajas de chile poblano and served with rice.
== $18.75

##Carne en su Jugo de Jalisco
**A stew full of skirt steak, whole beans, bacon bits, and green tomatillo in a broth made from chile ancho and casabell peppers. Garnished w/avocado, onion and radish.

##Carne de Puerco en Salsa Verde
**Juicy pork chunks dipped in a delightful green sauce made with tomatillos, cumin, and serrano peppers. Served with white rice and refried pinto beans.
== $16.75

##Adobo de Res
**Slow-cooked beef in adobo ‘tres chiles’ sauce, served with avocado, fresh red onions, white rice. Served with corn or flour tortillas.

## Carnitas Urapan
**Braised and simmered tender pork carnitas. Served with charro beans, pico de gallo, salsa de chile de arbol and a roasted jalapeño. Served with corn or flour tortillas.



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#Coastal Dishes

##Ceviche Acapulco de Camarón
**Tender shrimp cooked in lime juice, crisp cucumber, avocado & cilantro. Served with tostadas

##Pescado Oaxaqueño
**A grilled tilapia fillet bathed in Oaxacan cheese and bean sauce with fried corn strips and queso fresco all on a grilled nopal (cactus).

##Camarónes Moctezuma al Tequila
**Fresh shrimp sautéed ‘al mojo de ajo,’ with mushrooms, serrano chile strips, parsley and a splash of tequila. Served with cilantro infused rice.
#Tacos Tostadas Y Enchiladas

##Tacos Poblanos de Arrachera
**Three large tacos on blue corn tortilas filled with marinated flank steak, roasted poblano peppers and onions, garnished with fresh cilantro. Served with ‘charro’ beans.

##Tacos de Puntas de Pollo
**Three large tacos filled with tender broiled chicken strips. Complimented with sautéed red onions and bell peppers. Served with our special house salsa.

##Grilled Fish Tostadas or Tacos
**Tostadas –  with mango, pineapple, marinated red onions, cilantro, lemon & pineapple salsa. Tacos – with grilled tomatoes, onions, cilantro and chile guajillo salsa.

##Enchilada Verdes | Enchiladas de Mole
**Three enchiladas stuffed with a marinated shredded chicken, grilled onions, roasted poblano peppers. Choose green tomatillo or mole sauce.

##Enjococadas Michoacanas
**An experience from the state of Michoacán. Blue corn tortillas filled with requeson (like ricotta), lettuce, epazote herb, green tomatillo & cream sauce. Served with rice.

##Enchiladas Zapotecas
**Freshness and guacamole are the stars in this dish. Black corn tortillas filled with cold & fresh guacamole, nopales (cactus), pico de gallo &  topped with steaming mushrooms sautéed in an adobo sauce.

##Kid Options (12 years or under)
**Bean Burrito or Cheese Quesadilla or Rolled Chicken Taquitos with a complimentary scoop of Mexican style ice cream with vanilla or chocolate base.





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