Music holds the joy, passion and romance of Mexico close to it’s heart.

Listen carefully to the story of El Nino Perdido – one of the most beautiful songs of the Mariachi.20131019-IMG_7451

Out of the silence comes the refrain of a lone trumpet playing in the background. Softly, the lost child calls to his mother. Haunting, heartbreaking, the calls search; the trumpet laments.
The mother answers, joyful and anxious – the second trumpet lilting and searching. Thus is the conversation of El Nino Perdido 

Mariachi tells the stories of Mexico – the love, betrayal, grief and elation.









Solo artist Dinorah brings the ‘voice of an Angel’ to Mayahuel with flamenco, Latin, and traditional Mexican songs and ballads – her performances deliver the music straight from her heart to yours in a silky, sultry, passionate resonance.